The Liberty H.O.G. Chapter sponsored by Liberty Harley-Davidson of Rahway is proud and excited to announce that THE TOY RUN IS ON FOR 2023!!!!!!!   That's right!  We're at it again!  Our 24th year of bringing smiles to kids that could use all the smiles that they can get.  Every toy, Every dollar spent for registration, T-shirts, Pins, and just straight up donations goes straight to the kids.  And the smiles...the smiles we get when the kids see hundreds of motorcycles come swinging around the corner to come up their street...horns blaring, pipes screaming, bikers hooting and those kids can feel the love before we even get there.  It's an amazing nothing else. 

                               YOU WANT TO BE PART OF THIS!!!

Details are in the photo above.  Come out and ride with'll be glad you did.

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Sponsored by Liberty Harley Davidson of Rahway, NJ