To join the Liberty HOG chapter, you must first join the National H.O.G. You can join on line at www.harley-davidson.com. The membership fee is $45.00 for a member and $25.00 for an associate member (passenger, family member, etc of a H.O.G.member). The membership is valid for 12 months from the registration date. You will receive pins, patches and the H.O.G. magazine directly from H.O.G.


When you join the local chapter, you'll always have plenty of opportunities to meet with friends, have fun, support worthy causes, and ride! Joining is easy. Just visit Hannum's Harley-Davidson and speak to the sales staff for more information or perhaps attend one of our monthly meetings. Make sure to bring your National H.O.G. membership card or number. The membership dues for the local chapter is $30.00 per member for each calendar year.  


There are many benefits for joining the National and local H.O.G. chapter. For more information, visit www.harley-davidson.com or members.hog.com.

​​​A message from our members...

So, you've realized your dream and bought a Harley. Congratulations!  You've been riding around town, and have discovered it's fun.  You love to ride, but recognize something's missing that you can't quite put your finger on...

Family is a big part of the Harley "mystique" and it's also a component of what makes the experience of owning a Harley-Davidson special.  But it's OK - because Hannum's has a GREAT Harley Owner's Group, or H.O.G. Chapter - and maybe it's time you joined up!

Here's a quick peek at what you're missing…

The Liberty H.O.G. Chapter is comprised of people from all walks of life who share a passion for Harley-Davidson motorcycles, who love to ride and have fun!  By joining the Liberty HOG Chapter, you’ll always have plenty of opportunities to ride. We publish a monthly calendar of scheduled rides to a variety of fun destinations.

We have many events where family participation is encouraged. Our motto is “Ride, Have Fun and Give Back.” Several of our scheduled rides are to support worthy causes, and that’s always a good thing. You’ll also have the benefit of the vast knowledge of our experienced members who eagerly share valuable information on safe riding procedures and proper maintenance of your Harley.

You're most welcome to come to a meeting, meet everyone, and maybe find that camaraderie, fellowship & brotherhood you've been missing.

The Liberty HOG Chapter Members

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Chapter ride to Chickie and Pete's

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