​​Hey you!  Yeah…YOU!  Thanks for visiting the Liberty HOG Chapter sponsored by Liberty Harley-Davidson (whew…that’s a mouthful) Chapter web page!  Do you love to ride?  Do you love to check out cool places here in New Jersey, New York, or Pennsylvania?  Do you love to eat?  If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you’re exactly the person we are looking for!  We pride ourselves on finding some really great roads to ride on, and really good places to grab some chow (especially once all this quarantine stuff is lifted). We are a group that likes to hang out, ride bikes, and have fun.  And we want you!  We want you to come along for the rides, get involved in the parties and events, and join up with a bunch of like-minded individuals that love getting out on the open road.  So, if you’re interested, click on our “Join Us” tab to find out when we meet, when we ride, and where we hang out.  There’s a good chance that at almost any time of the day, you’ll find at least one member hanging out at Liberty Harley-Davidson in Rahway, so come on over…introduce yourself, we’d love to meet YOU!

Welcome to the Liberty H.O.G Chapter Web Site

Sponsored by Liberty Harley Davidson of Rahway, NJ